It’s lonely at the top...

Someone once said, “It is very lonely at the top”, reflecting the real difficulty of making strategic decisions and the responsibility of their successful execution. Solutionhaus can be there to advise you on the pitfalls of each alternative facing your business as well as to help you select the one that provides the most value. We provide a very valuable “outside of the box” perspective.

Sometimes having a trusted partner on your side can make the difference between a good business decision and a disastrous one. The objectivity of an outside “sounding board” provides incalculable value in helping you reach those difficult decisions.

Our tempCIO™ group is composed of seasoned former executives and IT Strategists with the knowledge and experience to advise on, plan or implement your IT program as well as overall Corporate Strategy. We have successfully advised Corporate Boards of both public and private companies, CEO’s, CIO’s, acquiring and acquired companies in their due diligence among others.

Strategic direction advice, merger negotiations, business process improvement, monitoring of outside consultants and “reality checks” are some of the custom services we can provide.

Who Wants to Hire a Temporary Exec?

President / Board of Directors

There is an unexpected leadership vacuum – Either through the loss of a key leader or a performance issue with an incumbent. An interim Executive can ensure that the company stays on track until a permanent CEO/President/CIO is hired

Turnaround - The Board needs to get the business turned around before it fails leaving the investors with a worthless asset. Solutionhaus can quickly bring a take-charge interim Executive Manager or management team that can fix the business and align the company to the Board’s priorities.

Mergers and Acquisitions – Having a trusted partner on your side with an “outside of the box” perspective that can help you in the Negotiation, Due Diligence, Change Management and Integration phases, and can identify the hidden value or potential pitfalls of the business often overlooked by either side in the midst of the deal.


Companies searching for a permanent CEO to help the Board strategize often have difficulty finding the right one, especially if the company is still in the startup phase. The risks and uncertainties of leading a startup often keep away the most seasoned candidates, precisely the ones most needed at this critical stage. Solutionhaus can bring in an experienced executive to get things rolling while at the same time help the business grow and pave the field for the appropriate permanent candidate.

The objective isn't simply to keep the company going until a permanent CEO can be found, but to leverage the executive's wealth of knowledge, contacts and leadership experience into results. 

Venture Capital Company

Maintain objectivity in important strategic decisions - Is the management-sponsored strategy the best alternative for the business?, Need to keep a monitoring eye on the progress of a major restructuring effort?, Need outside advice on a pending acquisition? Due diligence? are just some of the areas Solutionhaus’ seasoned executive advisors can help.


Sales is pushing to get the CRM software installed by the end of the quarter, Marketing is screaming for help with the new web initiative. Manufacturing is late implementing the next phase of the ERP system. An you are stuck there in the middle of the crossfire; Instead of waiting for the inspiration to arrive, call the experts at Solutionhaus.


No Politics…

A Solutionhaus Temp Exec by the mere fact of being hired to accomplish specific goals  concentrates on practicing his discipline rather than playing games. For example, he’s not trying to befriend the President to get a bonus in two years; She’s not maneuvering for that sought promotion over her peer, or to collect “brownie” points. The focus is the business, so damaging politics becomes a mute variable. At the same time, our executives are savy enough to work within your culture and effect change and unity to your team.


Cost effective interim executive solutions

… custom tailored to your situation

  • Focus on new business opportunities that may well be overlooked due to the lack of available executive talent
  • A key executive is leaving (unexpected resignation, illness, death, sabbatical) creating operational problems or delaying a vital project
  • Add weight to your management resources
  • Flexibility to implement key decisions fast while avoiding additional fixed costs and overhead.
  • Strategize or manage an acquisition or divestiture requiring specific skills for short periods
  • Maintain operations while business is being prepared for sale.
  • Control the burn rate
  • Prepare business, strategic, or operating plans.
  • Develop sales and marketing strategies
  • Recruit and select Board members
  • Develop key strategic business partners
  • Assess market opportunities
  • Assist with seed funding
  • Work closely with investors
  • Crisis management, situation assessment, reorganization plans and stabilization of the cash position

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